Neuralgic Factors

The success of GCAM derives from decades of experience in analytical data management, coupled with modern approaches and possibilities from big data technologies. Using these experiences in the free economy, GCAM is pursuing a new metodology that is unconventional for medicine:


Think big, start small

Iteratively and in small, manageable steps, various medical areas will gradually be included in the focus, in the project planning, and thus in the holistic data management. In the same way, data sources will be included iteratively, institute by institute. The rule is simple: those who make the (anonymized) data available will also benefit from the resulting reports and analyses.

The work and effort here are mainly in data acquisition. For the actual modeling and analysis, GCAM has set itself a high bar in terms of quality.

Technological Approaches

GCAM has committed itself to modern technology, such as XYZ, in its analysis activities. Only software components from the Hadoop open source environment are used for the data management and analytics. GCAM establishes the basis for undertaking the data management on-site itself, i.e. the entire hardware will be located directly at GCAM. Given the broad expertise of the GCAM team consulting companies in the private sector for many years, an innovative approach can be used and scale effects are realized.