Our Partners

We weren't able to accomplish the formation of GCAM without co-operating partners.


As a maximum care hospital, the medical care offered at the “Universitätsmedizin Mannheim” covers a wide range of diagnostics and treatments. Around 4,000 staff members in around 30 clinics and institutes provide care for around 52,000 in-patients and part in-patients, and 210,000 out-patients each year. A comprehensive quality management system has been introduced to ensure that patients receive high-quality care in the long term.

For a university hospital, in addition to patient care, the scientific research also plays an important role. The Mannheim Medical Faculty, located at the Universitätsmedizin Mannheim, is part of the long-established University of Heidelberg.


M²OLIE (Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment) is a research cooperation of physicians, natural scientists, engineers, business scientisr and IT specialists from five academic and twelve industrial partners.

“The goal of M²OLIE is to establish a patient-centered and time-optimized infrastructure for innovative tumor therapies using molecular intervention within a ‘one-stop shop’ approach.”

As part of this development process, therapeutic procedures from fields of radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy will being improved and supplemented modernized imaging procedures, patient-specific radiopharmaceuticals, robot-based intervention assistants and a number of further personalized therapeutic procedures.